Real Hope

Real Hope

We must meet the Global Polycrisis. It won’t go away. But there are reasons for hope.

In human history:

  • We’ve faced great challenges before.
  • We weren’t always profit-driven.
  • We’ve lived frugal lives with joy.
  • We knew the natural world to be sacred.

As we face the Global Polycrisis today:

  • We can meet the climate crisis with deep adaptation.
  • We can prioritize the most vulnerable people and communities.
  • We can live simply and build resilience in all its forms.
  • We can work on all the interconnected global stressors.

It won’t be easy. The losses of the natural world and the suffering of humanity will be immense. Our work is to save what can be saved. Our purpose is to live in harmony with nature and each other. For our children. And all life on earth. For today. And for all the tomorrows.