Our Practice and Values

Our Practice and Values

Our Goals and Practice

Our goals:

  • Empower people, projects & practices to
    meet the Global Polycrisis
  • Welcome diverse views across the global
  • Encourage respectful dialogues across
    regions & cultures
  • Inspire creative responses to the Global

Our practice:

  • Collaborate in curating searchable resource collections
  • Collaborate in building networks of researchers, reporters, experts and influencers
  • Collaborate in providing opportunities for dialogue and action on the Global Polycrisis
  • Work with partners in civil society, academia, media, business and government in these collaborations

On June 6, 2019, we hosted The Resilience Gathering through The New School at Commonweal. Keynote speakers Nate Hagens and Joanna Macy, leading authorities in the field, engaged several dozen participants on these questions: Can we avoid civilizational collapse? Can we “bend” and not “break”? We face a “perfect storm” of interacting global stressors. Is resilience a possible response? What does real resilience look like?

Nate Hagens gives the keynote speech at The Resilience Gathering

Joanna Macy presents at The Resilience Gathering

We continue to host and participate in resilience gatherings with our partners.

Regrettably, our planned November 1st gathering has been cancelled due to wildfires and power outages in Northern California. The irony is not lost on us.

Our Vision and Values

The Resilience Project is grounded in human and environmental values.

We believe in:

  • Social, racial, and gender equity
  • Democracy, human rights, and the environment

The Earth Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights express these values.*

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